I had the absolute pleasure to interview Derek Ross developer of NostrNests.com and NosterPlebs.com for Episode #3 of the Rahyndee Podcast 🎙️ I am somewhat of a newb when it comes to Nostr so I was happy to learn so much from Derek! 🙌🏼  The more I learn about Nostr the more excited I am for the future of this protocol.  It’s the future of social media. Decentralized, censorship free and you can earn Bitcoin for posting valuable content. It’s new and still yet to be fully discovered by the masses. So why not get ahead of the curve and start building your Nostr following now?  Download the apps Primal or Damus for iOS. The most popular app on Android is called Amethyst.  


Hello world, I'm Rahyndee James! I am an internet personality you may know from my social media posts.

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