Rahyndee Podcast Episode #3 with Derek Ross

I had the absolute pleasure to interview Derek Ross developer of NostrNests.com and NosterPlebs.com for Episode #3 of the Rahyndee Podcast 🎙️ I am somewhat of a newb when it comes to Nostr so I was happy to learn so much from Derek! 🙌🏼  The more I learn about Nostr the more excited I am for the future of this protocol.  It’s the future of social media. Decentralized, censorship free and you can earn Bitcoin for posting valuable content. It’s new and still yet to be fully discovered by the masses. So why not get ahead of the curve and start building your Nostr following now?  Download the apps Primal or Damus for iOS. The most popular app on Android is called Amethyst.  

Rahyndee Podcast Episode #2 with Wonderhussy

Wow! What a cool person. I am a fan of Wonderhussy’s YouTube channel. I feel very honored to have had the opportunity to interview her for my Podcast. It’s no wonder why she has such a huge following on YouTube. She takes her viewers on all kinds of adventures exploring remote abandoned locations and other fun Vlogs like her experiences at Burning Man. I highly recommend you check out her YouTube Channel

BioEmblem Triple Magnesium Complex

I want to let you guys know about products that I highly recommend. I have had issues sleeping in the past. I didn’t actually use this product to help me sleep but it was a wonderful effect that I was happily surprised by. Magnesium is a mineral that our bodies need but most people are unable to get enough in their diet. I bought the BioEmblem Triple Magnesium Complex because it has 3 different types of Magnesium that are all proven to be beneficial. Specifically the Glycinate form of Magnesium I have watched a lot of videos about how its super absorbable by the body. In my opinion Magnesium is one of the more important minerals to supplement for general health.

After I started taking the Complex, pretty much the very first night, I slept like a baby. I normally don’t wake up very easily in the morning. Especially not good at getting up early. Now I wake up at 8 or 8:30am with no alarm clock and I feel great. I couldn’t be more happy with that effect on my body. I had to recommend this one to you guys. Click the image below to check it out on Amazon.

This is an Amazon Affiliate link, although I am only going to promote products that I personally use and would recommend to my friends and family.

Recommended Video

I can honestly say this video changed my life. It really changes the way I look at food and health. I highly recommend you watch it at least 3 times and take notes! Its a profound video. This video is the first thing I tell someone to watch if they ask me for health/beauty tips.

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People always ask me what products I use for all aspects of my life. Finally, I am giving away all of my secrets. Whether its for beauty, skin care, health & wellness, even camping, you will find what I personally use or plan to use. I do earn a commission on sales from this shop but that’s just a subtle way for you to help support my content creation adventures! After years of trail and error I have found some amazing products that I know are good quality and have helped me out personally. Click the link to see all of the awesome items that I have listed on my shop.

Rahyndee going bald

Its kind of a long story why I shaved my hair off the first time. Lets just say I wanted to be blonde, and I went to far with that. I burnt my hair so bad, I think I killed it. Whoops! So I started with a short hair cut and it just wasn’t the vibe. After 1 day with the short haircut I figured if I ever was to shave my hair off and see what that looks like, this is my opportunity. It wasn’t easy, I was super scared. This video shows the very first time I went bald. Its a super funny video.