Recommended Video

I can honestly say this video changed my life. It really changes the way I look at food and health. I highly recommend you watch it at least 3 times and take notes! Its a profound video. This video is the first thing I tell someone to watch if they ask me for health/beauty tips.

Rahyndee going bald

Its kind of a long story why I shaved my hair off the first time. Lets just say I wanted to be blonde, and I went to far with that. I burnt my hair so bad, I think I killed it. Whoops! So I started with a short hair cut and it just wasn’t the vibe. After 1 day with the short haircut I figured if I ever was to shave my hair off and see what that looks like, this is my opportunity. It wasn’t easy, I was super scared. This video shows the very first time I went bald. Its a super funny video.